Free Download – Wimbledon Workout

Don your tennis whites and download PT & Fitness Expert, Glenn Higgins’ Wimbledon inspired HIIT Workout! 

Want to upgrade your service game and dominate your rivals on the court this summer? This is the workout for you… Not only is it designed to give you the power for a fully-loaded baseline smash, but it’ll improve stability in your shoulders, core strength, all-round flexibility and, most importantly, your endurance for a marathon match.

Click below to download the whole workout with step-by-step instructions of each movement.  All you guys need for this workout is a medicine ball, a timer and a little space!

See you on the court!


Glenn Higgins Tennis

To see more from Glenn, head to his YouTube channel where there are tonnes of fantastic workout videos, which are really easy to follow. If not you can follow him on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook

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