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Choose from our full range of 12 products, including our VLife Balls, to make your very own 6 ball Pick N’ Mix box.

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Choose your balls...

almond Almond
cacao-mint Cacao Mint
peanut Peanut
coconut-mac Coconut Macadamia
coconut-lemon Coconut Lemon
cacao-orange Cacao Orange
apple-cinnamon Apple & Cinnamon
UK-Product-images-VLife-Coconut-Cumin Coconut Cumin
UK-Product-images-VLife-Beetroot-Cashew Beetroot Cashew
UK-Product-images-VLife-Almond-Kale Almond Kale
UK-Product-images-VLife-Cashew-Peanut Cashew Peanut
UK-Product-images-VLife-Almond-Spirulina Almond Spirulina

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