Bouncing into Whole Foods with the Girl Gains Q&A

Our final stop on our ‘Feel Good Summer Tour’ took us to the window of Whole Foods, High Street Kensington. The ball pool took on a different shape this time; with the whole window of Whole Foods being filled with our balls. For all of August the window became one giant ball pool, where people could come and use the space as a play area, a place to relax, or to come and listen to a live Q&A with the #GirlGains.

The Girl Gains was created by Zanna Van Dijk, Tally Rye and Victoria Spence. Their aim: to inspire and empower women through being fitter, leaner and stronger.

Zanna Van Dijk: Blogger, vlogger, PT, fitness model and peanut butter addict

Tally Rye: Blogger, PT, with a background in musical theatre

Victoria Spence: Athlete, dancer, PT and bikini body competitor

How long have you known each other?

We first connected via Social Media, but finally met face to face at Body Power 2014 where our true friendship was born.  

Where did #GirlGains come from?

During the summer of 2014 we went and stayed with Zanna at her family home in Yorkshire. On the last day of our long weekend, we were driving home from the gym and got chatting about how much we loved our time together. We found by being around each other we felt motivated and inspired to be our best selves in all aspects of life and were so thankful for social media for helping us meet. So we wanted something that could help other girls find such support and encouragement and the hashtag was created!

How has #GirlGains been received by women and men?

The support has been incredible; from followers, to brands such as yourselves, to press, we have been overwhelmed by the response. We are so passionate about #GirlGains and the positive message we hope to spread. By hosting events throughout the year, we’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing girls and to keep growing this community.  

Who has been the biggest inspiration in your fitness journey?

As cliché as it sounds, a big inspiration for us to work hard and achieve our dreams is each other. The three of us train differently, eat differently and yet when it comes to #GirlGains and our core values, we couldn’t be more on the same page.

We definitely look up to female business women and see the success of fellow fitness bloggers such as Kayla Itsines and Emily Skye and hope we can emulate some of their success in the future.


Are there any myths or misconception that you’ve encountered with women and weight training?

Well, I think we’re very accustomed to hear people fear the idea of ‘getting bulky’ because of lifting weights but in reality it couldn’t be further from the truth. Ladies, the ‘toned’ look you desire is because of weight training, not excessive cardio! We believe that weights will help you to build muscle to create beautifully strong curves and definition as well as a strong foundation to enjoy all forms of exercise with minimal injuries.

Plus the more muscle mass, the more food you get to enjoy, so everyone’s a winner!

If you could give one top exercise tip…. What would it be?

Less is more. Go for quality over quantity! For example, 20-30 mins of HIIT (High- Intensity Interval Training) training can be far more effective at improving cardio fitness and burning fat as opposed to 60mins on the cross trainer.

When you train together do you take it in turns to lead a session?

We tend to plan the session beforehand so we all know what’s going on and we use our time efficiently.  That way we all have a little contribution to and come up with a workout that often is pretty deadly! Especially if we are training Legs/ Glutes. Ouch.

How important is it to have a regular routine and diet?

This is key! Whatever your goal the one thing that will get you there is CONSISTENCY. Make a plan, stick to it and be sure to track results. We love progress pictures rather than the scale as that can be very misleading.

How do you stay healthy on the run?

Meal prep! If we have a long busy day, we try to meal prep the night before so we have plenty of healthy meals and great choices with us! This often includes energising snacks such as Bounce Balls pre-training as they are so convenient.

If you could give one nutrition tip…. What would it be?

Your most important meal of the day is your pre-workout and post-workout! Make sure you have good fuel in the tank to train, as well as help your body build and recover. We recommend a combination of Protein & Carbs before and after training.

What is the one ingredient that you couldn’t live without?

Does chocolate count? Or peanut butter?

On a serious note, we love eggs as a great source of protein and they are so versatile as you can enjoy then sweet or savoury!

How important is protein in your diet?

Hugely important! We need protein for muscle repair and growth. With your main meals, be sure to ask yourself ‘What is your protein source in this meal?’ Meat, fish, eggs, greek yoghurt and whey are great.  

What would you tell women who are struggling and lacking confidence in their abilities?

The key to success is to first believe in yourself, so that others will believe in you too. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and support your ambitions and goals. Write down 5 things you love about yourself and aim to add to that list every day.  

Where would you like the #GirlGains movement to progress?

We are very excited to have recently registered as a Company and to have launched as well as upcoming events in London and Manchester.

The dream is to spread this message worldwide. To unite women and empower them to be the best versions of themselves physically and mentally.


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