Feel Good with Bounce Summer Tour 2015

Canary Wharf saw the first stop on our ‘Feel Good with Bounce’ summer tour back in July. We set up camp in the heart of Canada Square Park surrounded by the corporate world of suits. It was Bounce galore; from our sampling pods and our air stream, to the star of the show… our infamous Ball Pool.

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Our aim was simple; to get people to have a Ball-tastic time and ‘Put Some Play in Your Work Day’. Men and women from all around Canary Wharf were Bouncing down to check out what was going on and for a little taste of our Balls to give them that extra bit of energy for their day ahead.

No question, our Ball Pool was the main attraction of the week; picture 40,000 balls enclosed in a clear dome with a volley ball and a net (and some guys in suits who didn’t shy away from a little competition). Our hope was to bring in all those hard workers pre, during and post work, who just wanted to roll up their sleeves and ‘immerse themselves in our Balls’, and we did.

Although our time in Canary Wharf was short, it was definitely sweet. We hope to see all you Bouncers again next summer wherever we are.

Bounce article image

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