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From Nutrition Newbie To Clued Up And In Control

Georgia Williams

Ever felt like you are always on a diet? Always feeling guilty after a weekend blowout? Always starting again on Monday but never getting anywhere? Well, me too! When I first started working at Bounce I was in a very conflicted place with my nutrition. I had tried every diet and I mean EVERY diet. Keto, intermittent fasting, low fat, paleo, low calorie, to name just a few! Whilst some of these served as a quick fix, none of them helped me in the long term.

Like a lot of people, I was heavily influenced from what I was seeing on social media, which just made me more confused! In truth, working for Bounce helped me to finally understand what balanced nutrition truly means and how you can make smart choices to ensure weight loss is sustainable! No quick fixes here, just a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

So, how did Bounce help me? Well, it all starts with a bounce ball…

If you’ve ever wondered what makes Bounce brilliant, it’s balance. In each ball you will find a healthy split of protein, carbs and fat. Now, if you are anything like me, the words ‘carbs’ and ‘fats’ are scary, and we are made to think these are bad. Well, that’s where you’re mistaken. EVERYTHING in moderation. You need all 3 macro-nutrients to function, simple. This healthy split in each bounce ball ensures you get:

• Protein for repairing and rebuilding muscle.
• Carbohydrates for that all important energy boost.
• Heart healthy fats which help to maintain good levels of cholesterol in the blood

For me, once I understood why all 3 macros are important, it really helped me to incorporate all my favourite foods into my ‘diet’ without feeling guilty!

So, the moral of the story… Don’t be afraid of food, food is fuel! Now, pass the pizza!