How to Stay Unstoppable this year

At the beginning of the New Year we’re motivated to start as we mean to go on, whether it’s healthy eating or finally running that marathon. Jan sets in sometimes and we need a boost to stay on track to do great things. If you have a list of resolutions the length of your arm and you’re feeling overwhelmed, let our Bounce Inspirers share their advice on how they stay unstoppable.

Here are their top tips and no, it’s not just about our Balls!

  • “Question everything. If you don’t know how/if your training will make you improve, why are you doing it?” – Alex Paton (Cyclist)
  • “Do what you enjoy. You have to enjoy the exercise you do for it to have a positive impact on your body”- Anthony Mayatt (Personal trainer)
  • “Relax and enjoy the hard work” – Chris Cargo (Irish hockey player)
  • “If in doubt, have more rest, you don’t want to end up over trained and never underestimate nutrition”- Daniel Guerrero (Triathlete)
  • “Mix it up!”- David Newton (Stunt man)
  • “Eat healthy and move a lot!”- Fanny Sunesson (Golfer)
  • “Listen to your body”- Hannah Lord (Triathlete)
  • “You get out what you put in!”- Jess Grimson (GB Volleyball player)
  • “Get uncomfortable! Do 2 extra reps when you want to give up, run 1 min longer and go one level faster”- Tally Rye (Personal trainer & part of the Girl Gains)
  • “Consistency is key”- Zanna Van Dijk (Personal trainer & part of the Girl Gains)

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