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Lilly Sabri’s Stay Unstoppable Workout at Whole Foods

On the 3rd of September we launched our brand new Bounce Protein Energy Bites at Whole Foods, High Street Kensington and to celebrate we invited 20 lovely people to join us and Lilly Sabri for our first #StayUnstoppable event.

Lilly Sabri is a Physio and Pilates instructor who is growing into a well-known influencer in the health, wellness and lifestyle world.


She spoke to the group all about who she was and how she got to be in the influential position she is in today. It was a brilliant, engaging talk, with the guests asking lots of questions and getting really involved! It was great to get a sneak peek into this fitness guru’s life. Who knew she was a vegetarian!?


With the music pumping, she then took everyone through her alternative twist on Pilates mixed with HIIT and trust us… by no means was it easy! We went through 3 different sections each varying in difficulty and movements but it was burpees, mountain climbers, jump squats galore! Even just thinking back to it is making us sweat!


The great thing was that Lilly broke it down into very manageable chunks which you could easily do at home! Each section lasted 20 minutes (45 seconds on, 15 seconds off) and as she mentioned, that is the time some ladies take to wash and dry their hair. Take a look at her Instagram (@lillysabri) to take a look at the exercises she suggests.


For those of you who didn’t come, here are Lilly’s top tips from the day:

  1. Set up a routine which works for you and around your schedule.
  2. 20 mins a day of HIIT will leave you burning the next day.
  3. Put your phone away while working out – no distractions.
  4. Try and eat little and often.
  5. Pack your bag full of healthy snacks for the day ahead

A big thank you to Lilly for hosting a great morning and to all the brands who contributed to our goodie bags; Shake It, Hearst Magazines, Frank Body, Work Well Being, Third Space, Boudoir Beauty Parlour, Drink Maple and Sports Philosophy. Couldn’t make it this time? Keep your eyes peeled for the next Bounce Event!

Learn more about Lilly Sabri here:



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