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Our Top 6 Health & Fitness Influencers

If you are anything like us and love looking at great, inspirational fitness blogs & Instagram pages, then look no further! We give you the rundown of our must-follow fitness influencers and if you haven’t heard of these guys… where have you been!!

1.Zanna Van Dijk

Zanna is a PT, author, blogger, vlogger, #GirlGains creator and Adidas Ambassador (not much then!). Her blog covers everything including health, fitness, lifestyle, travel and of course the best brunch spots in London. We love the fact that she champions an honest, balanced lifestyle and is completely down to earth despite her huge rise in success.

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2. Twice The Health

Twice The Health aka, Emily and Hannah are two outfit matching, nut-butter crazy, challenge fiends often questioned for their adventure ideas and endless energy. You may have seen these two on our blog & social channels back in Feb/March as we teamed up with them for our Simple Swaps campaign – you can catch up on that here!

Their blog covers pretty much everything including food, fitness fashion & health and if you take a look at their Instagram…be warned you will come away feeling inspired to take on a challenge! Emily & Hannah have just completed their latest one which was a 50km run along the Great Wall of China – amazing stuff.

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3. The food medic (hazel Wallace)

Hazel is a Junior Doctor, a qualified PT and recently launched her own book ‘The Food Medic’ which shot to the no1 bestseller spot on Amazon! She set up her blog in the hope she could use it as a platform to show people that eating healthy can be enjoyable, uncomplicated and easy to incorporate into a busy lifestyle = winning!



4. GirlGains

So, in a sentence #girlgains is “a movement which aims to unite women and inspire them to become fitter, healthier and happier“.

So how did it come about? GirlGains started as the hashtag #girlgains which was created by three ladies, Tally Rye, Victoria Spence and Zanna Van Dijk. They met through instagram and have an incredible friendship, one that is positive, supportive and all three of them don’t take life too seriously. They have created a fantastic community and now run workshops, events and talks which we are very proud to support.



5. Clean Eating Alice

Alice is a 23-year-old pocket rocket PT, nutritionist and bestselling author. Her Instagram is filled with amazing looking meals and easy to follow workouts, which has meant she now has over half a million followers! Alice has made it her mission to help other discover a more balanced, healthy way of life and if that comes with the up-side of having her abs…even better!


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6. Health Chef Steph & Chessie King…aka two peas in a bod

Two best friends into fitness and health have joined together to share their top tips, travels and crazy antics with the world! These two genuinely make the health & fitness world a funnier place; their workout videos will leave you rolling on the floor from pain but also tears of laughter.


two peas

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