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Simple Swaps to get Active at Work

So, who exactly are we? The simple answer would be Twice The Health aka, Emily and Hannah… the long-winded answer would be two outfit matching, nut-butter crazy, challenge fiends often questioned for their adventure ideas and endless energy. That’s just the way we like it!

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Our active lifestyle full of bounds, brunches and buddy up activities can seem all a little overwhelming at times, but if you take us back two or three years we started out a little like you, unsure of how to increase our activity without having to give up all our spare hours. Really, all it comes down to is some springy secrets and simple swaps, a few of which we are going to share today with you.

An active body is a happy one, it’s just about finding that activity that puts the spring in your step and the smile on your face!

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Lunch breaks are a good place to start. We’re well-aware it’s easy to spend these staring at your screen whilst chowing down a slightly stale sandwich just to make sure no emails are missed and no hours are wasted. Don’t get us wrong, we praise your work ethic but tomorrow why not give this a try…nip out, just for twenty minutes and take a short stroll. The fresh air will energise, and time out will work wonders on the remaining desk time hours.

Some other ways we like to make the most of being active are:

  • Swap the lift for the stairs. It may not seem much, but getting the legs moving just a little more will do more than you think!
  • Swap out for your desk chair for a Swiss ball. It will encourage better posture and re-energise your core, making you ‘work it’ a little while you work.
  • Swap the gym for a workout with one of your office buddies. With the weather improving; grab your friend and hit the road!
  • Swap I can’t for I can! A positive attitude is ‘must have’ no matter what the day holds. We often find squeezing a workout in pre desk time gives this ‘I can’ attitude just the boost you need.




Next week we will be showing you exactly how easy it is to slot our active simple swaps into your working day! Starting from Monday, head over to our social channels (@bounce_uk), get involved and share your top tips too.

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