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Staying unstoppable during London Fashion week? It takes Balls!

Our Bounce Balls are used for many event, challenge and competition. One of the busiest times of the year for the fashion industry in the UK is London Fashion week. From the designers, the models to behind-the-scenes staff, everyone is in need of energy to stay unstoppable. We supported the M&P modelling agency with enough energy to keep them Bouncing through their week. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek…

How do you and the team gear up for Fashion Week?

The build up to Fashion Week can tend to be the most hectic part of the whole process! With the models running to a minimum of 12 castings a day, the team working extra-long hours and constantly adapting to last minute changes it is essential that we do our best to stay fully fueled, calm and collected at all times. Eating the right foods, drinking enough water, making the most of the little sleep we do get and making sure to take a well needed tea break here and there which all play a crucial part in this.

Take us through a day in the M+P offices during fashion week

During Fashion Week itself, you can never know what to expect each day you come through the door! Every day brings something new and unpredictable. One minute you could be taking calls, the next you could be out chaperoning a model from one side of London to the other for her next show which starts in less than an hour! It is vital to always keep a positive mindset and to keep the energy levels up in the office – good food and good music are always a winner with us. When our lovely models aren’t strutting down the catwalk or running to a last minute fitting, they always take the chance to stop by and put a smile on our faces which we love.

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What is the key to the team being unstoppable during fashion week?

I’d say that the key to being unstoppable over Fashion Week would have to be each other! It can be very easy to get a little delirious at times seeing as we work 12 days consecutively, with most of these days being around 15 hours long… Yep, you heard me right!! It’s crucial that we come together as a tight team during this time to keep each other sane and put a smile on each other’s faces when times get tough.

How important is good nutrition?

Good nutrition is absolutely vital in order to keep our energy levels up and our eyes bright! The long hours mean it’s really important that we keep ourselves well fueled and watered so that we don’t drop off.

What were the stand out moments of this years’?
The stand out moment of this year’s Fashion Week – where do we begin?! Two girls walking for DAKS, two girls on Roksanda, two girls on Julien MacDonald, four walking for Amanda Wakeley and more… You can’t make us choose surely!

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