Stunt performer Casey Michaels shows us behind the scenes!

We’ve asked Casey, one of our Bounce Inspirers and a long-term fan of our vegan Balls what it’s like to be vegan and what she thinks of our new range of Bounce!

To give you a bit of background on this unstoppable person; Casey is a 3rd generation stunt performer. Both parents (Wayne Michaels and Tracey Eddon) and grandparents (Sadie Eden and Eddie Eddon) have had a long and extensive career performing at the highest level within the stunt industry.

She has always been interested in film and TV, and loved watching ‘the making of’, so with both her parents and grandparents in the industry, it seemed like the perfect fit. She has worked on ‘Morgan’ 2016 (stunt doubled Kate Mara), ‘Game of Thrones’ 2016 (stunt doubled Faye Marsay), ‘Avengers Age of Ultron’ 2015 (stunt doubled Scarlett Johansson), ‘The Martian’ 2015 (stunt doubled Kate Mara), ‘Now You See Me 2’ 2016 (stunt doubled Lizzy Caplan), ‘Into the Woods’ (2014) and ’24: Live Another Day’ (2014)… so just a few high profile roles!!!


Enough from us, let’s hear from Casey…

What I love about my job is every day is different. Either a different set, location or costume. You also get to work with the most talented performers. It’s also a bonus if you get to work with your family! Protein energy and smart snacking is so important to me, especially working on film sets for super long days. I always have a few Bounce Balls in my stunt pad bag. They’re my go to snack! It gives me that little burst of energy when I really need it. When working 12-16 hour days, vegan Bounce balls have literally saved me.


There’s not too many challenges being Vegan, the trick is to always be prepared. And with the new VLife flavours it’s going to be that bit easier. It’s so difficult to choose my favourite VLife flavour… they’re all delicious!!! But if I had to pick… it would have to be the Almond Kale. It’s legit Amaze-balls! So excited Bounce Balls have 5 new Vegan flavours!


Thanks Casey for giving us a little glimpse into what it’s like to be a stunt performer!

You can find our entire Bounce range including the NEW VLife range here: Bounce Foods. Happy snacking!

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