Tips to Stay Unstoppable? Kim Ingleby ‘The Mind Body Expert’ shares hers

It can be really challenging to feel awesome, when life is so busy. It often feels like there is no time to just stop, and create a plan to feel awesome.  So I want to help you do just that.

Take a moment, and write down the 1 thing you could do for your fitness, your nutrition and your wellbeing that would make a difference. Commit to making this simple 3 changes change for 21 days, then add another three.  By writing them down, you will keep track of the simple changes and start to feel awesome.

If you’re not sure where to begin, try these.  Get moving every day, start with the 2-3 stretches which will help to improve your posture and walk for an hour if you can (it doesn’t have to be all at once).  Then, set a reminder on your computer to stand up, breathe and stretch every hour, feel good mini changes.   Each day, aim to drink plenty of water and plan your meals so you get lots of feel good foods in your diet, to boost your immunity, energy & concentration.  I love the Spirulina & Ginseng ball for travelling in the morning and one of the Protein balls after training or mid-afternoon as a boost of energy.


Combined with food and fitness, notice your thoughts, feelings and language. Are you using positive or limiting language, do you accept compliments or brush them aside. Start this year feeling awesome and starting to be proud and kind to yourself, to empower you to realise anything is possible.

Finally, the one big dream you keep thinking about doing, yet never commit to starting, how about signing up to make it happen this year? It doesn’t have to be huge, just something that will be huge for you, from body confidence to double marathons, adventures and strength, whatever would matter to you. Do it and we will be supporting you all the way with Balls of Invincibility!

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