Walk More with Our Simple Swaps


When Nancy Sinatra sang “these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do”, little did she know it would be used as an opening line for a blog about National Walking Month.

Yep, if you didn’t already know, May is National Walking Month. From improving your mood to boosting creativity, losing weight to decreasing your risk of chronic disease; the benefits of walking for 30 minutes every day are potentially life-changing.

Which is why we’ve compiled a series of Simple Swaps that’ll get you walking more not just in May, but throughout the year.

1.) Swap from: taking the bus or train to work

Swap to: walking to work or getting off a stop earlier

Let’s face it: nobody likes being crammed into a busy bus or train like a tin of sardines. So if you’re looking to get space and fresh air on your morning commute, our first simple swap is a great way of avoiding stress and, better still, saving money.

2.) Swap from: taking the lift or escalator

Swap to: taking the stairs

It doesn’t matter whether it’s at work, a cark park or your block of flats: taking the stairs instead of the lift is a great way of making every day, leg day. Likewise, if you want to get your 10,000 daily steps, this is a life hack your heart, legs, bum and Fitbit will appreciate.

3.) Swap from: eating at your desk

Swap to: taking a 20-minute walk on your lunch break

Eating lunch quickly at your desk before getting straight back to work, is something we’re all guilty of from time to time. But, if you get into the routine of taking your entire lunch break and getting outside to enjoy a brisk 30-minute walk, it’ll do wonders for clearing your mind and helping you focus for the afternoon ahead.

4.) Swap from: parking as close as possible to your destination

Swap to: parking further away

For example, let’s say you’re visiting a friend’s house. They live far away enough that you need to drive, but instead of parking right outside their house, why not park a couple of blocks away and walk the rest of the way? This might not seem like an obvious one, but it’s one we really enjoy here at Bounce. And we reckon you will, too.

5.) Swap from: driving to the supermarket

Swap to: walking instead

We’re not expecting you to be as good at carrying your shopping home as the guy in the GIF, but this one is a really easy win. Doing your weekly food shop on foot and then carrying it home, means not only doing your bit for your arms, but for the environment, too. It really is a win-win.


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