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Working out with Twice The Health

During February we hosted two awesome events with the fun-loving duo that is, Twice The Health at 1Rebel!

Twice The Health (also known as Emily and Hannah!) are two fitness chicks living in London who use their love of exercise to excuse their love of food; a mantra we stick close to, too! Emily is a qualified nutritionist & PT and Hannah a qualified PT. These two are taking London and the world by storm and doing it all in matching outfits!


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Both events were a ‘Buddy Up’ workout, with one person on the benches or floor and the other going for it on the treadmill. Throughout the workouts, everyone kept swapping over so they all got the full… “experience”!

With each round Twice The Health took it up another level and kept pushing everyone; weighted squats, lunges and burpees and constantly upping the speed on the treadmill for the runners.

There was even one round where the treadmill group had to push the machine along with their hands…! The great part was that all the floor exercises were designed so they could be recreated at home. If you head to our Instagram Twice The Health created 4 great, simple workout videos for you to follow.

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After everyone was considerably sweatier than there were when they walked in, it was time to cool down, enjoy the company of Hannah and Emily & grab some Bounce Balls. At the second event, which was on the 28th of February, the girls held a short Q&A where the group could ask them anything they liked, plus get tucked into the goodie bags.


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For those who couldn’t make it, these were Hannah and Emily’s top tips from the events:

  • If you are working out at home and you don’t have any weights or equipment, use what you have around you; bottle of water, tins of beans…small siblings or your kids!!
  • Workout with a friend or partner; it’s way more fun and you can motivate each other to keep going.
  • If the thought of a 20-minute run is just awful and boring, what you can do instead is look at your watch and walk for a minute, then run for a minute and lastly sprint for a minute. Keep repeating and mixing up the pace.
  • Do what you love; there are so many options out there for exercise from boxing, to barre, to belly dancing! There is no need to be stuck on a treadmill or in a weights class you really hate.


A big thank you to everyone who came along and to Twice The Health for being such fantastic hosts!

Also thank you very much to Sweaty Betty and Drink Maple for their contributions to the goodie bags and 1Rebel for letting us use their amazing studio.


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