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Do I Need a Gym Membership?


Gym memberships are expensive. Even the cheaper ones will have you questioning how much you really need your membership when the direct debit comes out every month.  

So, do you need a gym membership? In short, no. No one will ever need a gym membership but depending on your fitness goals it might make sense to have one.

There are many ways you can exercise without spending a penny. If you’re just wanting to improve your overall fitness all you need is somewhere to go for a run or a walk. If you’re wanting to focus on specific areas, you can follow an online workout from the comfort of your own home.

If you don’t mind spending a little bit here and there you can enhance your home workouts with some workout equipment, which can be picked up pretty much anywhere nowadays. A set of dumbbells, resistance bands and a yoga mat will probably set you back about a month’s membership.

However, if you’re wanting to strength train you’re not going to want to buy a new set of dumbbells every time you’re ready to increase your weights. This is where a gym membership will come in handy as they will have a full range of weights for you to make your way through.

In the end your need for a gym membership comes down to what you’re going the gym for. If you’re just using the treadmill or only doing floor exercises you definitely don’t need to be spending your hard-earned money on a membership. If you’re going to utilise the equipment then forking out for your membership each month would be much cheaper than buying it for your own home.