All our Bounce balls now have a new filling! With these changes comes new recipes, new flavours and new packaging.

Currently, only 3 of our products are suitable for vegans and they'll have a green badge on the front with 'plant protein' so you can find them. The flavours are Almond (vegan), Cacao Peanut and Maple Pecan Cashew.

Please email customerservice@9brand.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Unfortunately, our wrapper packing is not recyclable. We're currently looking into completely plastic-free alternatives that will be widely recyclable and we are committed to working towards a plastic-free/completely recyclable future for the packaging of our products.

Yes, all our products are gluten free and made in a gluten free factory.

They're all proudly made in the UK.

Unfortunately, we only do at select events or during certain marketing campaigns. Keep an eye on our socials to see when our next sampling will be!

Oh no, we're sorry to hear this! Please email customerservice@9brand.co.uk so we can look into this for you immediately. If you can also provide us with any photos of the product, best before date, batch code, flavour name and your address (so we can send you a free envelope to send the ball back to us for investigation), this'll speed up getting you an answer on why this has happened.

Unfortunately we decided to streamline our products range and retire some of flavours that weren't as popular, they were - Cacao Mint, Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Raspberry, V Life Almond Spirulina and Cashew Peanut.

Oh dear, please let us know the code you're trying via email to balls@bouncebrands.com and we'll have our team look into why this is happening.

All of our products except our new indulgent choc covered range are Kosher. They are currently going through the same approval process and we are hoping to have them certified Kosher along with the rest of our range.

All of our balls are vegetarian and contain no meat derived protein sources such as bovine gelatin or collagen. In our non-vegan core range, the protein mainly comes from its whey content (which is a byproduct of cheese production). In our vegan plant protein range the protein source is mainly soya, from the protein rich soy bean.