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Fibre & Protein – Love at First Bite


Left to their own devices, fibre and protein are brilliant standalone nutrients.

Bring them together for meals and snacks, however, and they become friends with benefits – especially if one of your primary fitness and nutrition goals involves losing weight.

In a nutshell, combining protein with fibre in your snacks and meals will help keep you feeling fuller for longer – burning fat and aiding weight loss in the process.

Even if you’re not looking to lose weight, getting into the routine of combining the two is still a wise move for balanced nutrition.

Ok, so let’s start with protein.

From meat to fish, dairy to vegetables: protein is everywhere. Which is just as well, really, seeing as it plays such an important part in boosting muscle mass and your metabolism.

And the way it does this is by increasing thermogenesis: the heat produced by your body.

What’s more, protein-rich ingredients and foods don’t half taste incredible, too. But whilst protein generally takes the spotlight, it’s still important to shine a light on all the good that fibre does.

Even though fibre isn’t actually digested, it still plays a crucial role in promoting regular bowel movements and satiety (that feeling of, well, feeling full).

Without actually providing any calories, fibre still manages to take up a fair bit of room in your stomach; and that’s a good thing because it takes less food to help you feel fuller.

Like we said at the start of this blog, fibre and protein are great when left to their own devices.

Combined, however, you’ve got yourself a truly great-tasting combo that nourishes your body, digestive system and boosts energy levels, as well as keeping you satisfied in between meals.

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