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How to #BounceBack after taking a break from the gym?

Eleanor Jackson

Time off the gym is so important for our mental and physical health. We need to give both the mind and body a break every so often…but it can be hard to Bounce Back after this break. Keep reading for my top tips to help you beat those blues & find your swing again!

The first thing I would say is: don’t stress. Beating yourself up over having had time off will do you no good. Instead, take a deep breath and think about your upcoming goals for the next couple of months.

Goal setting can be a great way to get focused on what is important to you, after having had some time off. It can help us feel more inspired and motivated, and gives us something to work towards! This is especially important in the upcoming winter months as the days get shorter and darker, and motivation tends to dip.

So, how do you set good goals?

Well, try and follow the SMART format, as these are easier to work towards and achieve:

Specific: what are you specifically hoping to achieve?

Measurable: how are you going to measure this progress? Progress pictures, your weight, a check in with a colleague?

Attainable: make sure you are setting realistic goals. Don’t set yourself up to fail at the first hurdle. Start small and you can only go up from there.

Relevant: how is this goal relevant to your overall aims for yourself?

Time-related: when do you want to achieve this goal by?

For example: By December 1st (Time) I will be able to complete a 5km jog (Specific) to help me prepare for my half marathon next year (Relevant, Attainable) which I will track using a running app on my phone (Measurable).

TIP! You can also apply the SMART format to other types of goals – career, relationship, finance – not just fitness! Like: By the end of October I will be able to share a Bounce Ball box with my family, rather than eating them all myself! Okay, maybe not 😉

Once you’ve set your SMART goals, it’s a good idea to rank them by priority (how SOON they need to be done) and importance (how IMPORTANT they are to you) to help you get on top of things & stay organised.

This method can give you a great overview of everything you want to achieve by a certain date, and help you Bounce Back into a routine so you smash those goals!

I hope this post helped – and, as always, leave a comment if you have any questions!

Written by @exercisingwitheleanor