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New Year, New-trition: Our Top Tips for Healthy Living in 2019


Committing to change when it comes to eating and living more healthily in the New Year can be tough – we totally get it. But, with these life-hacking nutrition and exercise tips, we’re here to make it just that little bit easier for you. After all, it’s the Simple Swaps and little changes that make a big difference.

#1 – H2Oh?

Ever wondered why people go on about the importance of drinking more water? Well, whether it’s increasing your body or brain’s performance; improving your complexion or immune system; better breath to better mood; drinking 2 litres a day really will help keep the doctor away. What’s more, all you have to do is turn on the tap and it’s free!

#2 – Have Your Cake and Eat It

Let’s face it, cheat days are going to happen 2019. But cheat doesn’t have to mean guilt, especially when it comes to treats like cake, pizza, burgers, ice cream and chocolate. There are so many leaner, cleaner recipes online you can try out yourself, not to mention all the healthier options readily available in supermarkets nowadays – all of which are big on flavour and low on calories.

#3 – Home is Where the (Healthy) Heart Is

Gyms are great, but, for whatever reason, they’re not for everyone. Thankfully, there are tons of great home workout videos on YouTube that will get your heart racing and body sweating – without a gym membership or machine queue in sight.

#4 – Talk the Talk AND Walk the Walk

When it comes to making a really simple yet significant change towards a healthier lifestyle in 2019, walking more is an office favourite here at Bounce HQ. It doesn’t matter if you decide to ditch public transport, taking the lift or driving to the supermarket in favour of walking; increasing your daily steps also increases your cardiovascular fitness, reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke in the process.

#5 – Prepping Lunch Best of the Bunch

Saving the best until last, if you’re looking to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and bank balance this year, stepping away from the meal deal will definitely help you seal the deal. Not only can you create healthier, tastier and cheaper lunches by prepping them at home the night before work – there’s also something extremely satisfying about being able to humble brag to colleagues, who will no doubt be impressed by your kitchen skills.