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Should You Feel Guilty About Snacking Before A Meal?

Hannah Lawson

Snacking whilst making breakfast lunch and dinner is never wrong and something I do more often now.  This is a reminder to always nourish your body when it asks for food. Something I teach my clients and I want to remind everyone to do.

Snacking whilst prepping a meal used to be a NO GO zone for me. I would not let anything pass my lips until my food was ready. Now I can easily snack when prepping meals, for instance the other day I grabbed a bounce ball of course haha whilst making my oats this is because if I don’t have some sort of food in me during the morning then I become lethargic, moody and de energised for anything.

I used to get to the point where I was so hungry I would have this anxiety lingering that I would not be able to finish my dinner if I was to delve into eating something before my meal. I was punishing my body for what it was craving.

To surpass this I started to have something small to nibble on whilst making my meals to the point now I allow myself to have whatever I fancy and more. A packet of crisps, some chocolate, toast, a wrap you name it. If I was so hungry in that moment and had to wait for dinner why deprive my body? After all hunger is hunger and if you continue to feel it the more anxious you become.

Something I conquered and I know now that fuelling my body with food it deserves especially before a meal is OKAY. My body does not change in one sitting and would certainly not changing anything after having a snack every single day 5 minutes before a meal. 

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