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How do I stay on plan over the holidays?

Eleanor Jackson

The festive season is a lot of fun – but it can be hard to stay on plan with your exercise and nutrition! So here are my top tips to help you over the next month:

Plan ahead

Plan your workouts and nutrition where you can. I like to create a mini timetable for the festive period with all my social events blocked out so I can see an overview of the time I have free. This helps me plan what days I’m going to exercise.  Some gyms also close for some days over Christmas and New Year so make sure to check out any changes to your gym opening times while you create your plan.

Stick to your routine

If you’re at home for Christmas, try and stick to your usual routine where possible, as this will make January / the post-festive season that little bit easier!

Be realistic

Don’t overly plan loads of workouts if you likely won’t be able to stick to them. This will just make you feel bad for not completing everything! Instead, make a realistic and sustainable plan. For example, rather than your 4 workouts a week, maybe one day swap a gym session for a winter walk with family and friends – I think we forget how good walking is for us! 

Be kind to your tummy

Rich foods can cause a bit bloating and be unkind to our tummies so I recommend drinking lots of water, and stocking up on some peppermint tea to calm your stomach! Staying hydrated is essential for flushing out the nasties. Some gentle movement like a walk can aid digestion too.

Intuitive eating

your body knows when it’s hungry and when it’s full, so listen to it! It can be tempting to eat everything on offer just because it’s available. But try to listen to your body and stop when you’re full. Try not to eat to the point you’re uncomfortable just because the food is there.

Go easy on yourself

The festive period is a time of enjoyment, seeing family and celebration. There’s more food and indulgence and that’s okay! Don’t beat yourself up and force yourself to workout and count calories, at the expense of enjoying yourself and making memories.

Finally, I would say do whatever makes YOU happy. If gymming & tracking your food makes you happy, then do that! If taking time off from gymming & tracking makes you happy, then do that! Nobody else can tell you what to do over the festive season! Whatever makes you happy is what you SHOULD be doing 😊 

Written by @exercisingwitheleanor ❤️