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How do I stay on track over the festive season?

Hannah Lawson

Staying on track over the festive season can be tricky, with all the indulgent food and social events around every corner. Our newest blog writer Hannah shares how she’s going to tackle keeping on top of the gym during the busiest time of the year …

So for me November is the month for the glute gains and get stronger for the winter months. I  feel at the moment my own progress and priorities have taken a back burner and its time to get back on it. So just because it is the festive season why should we give into continuing some amazing progress and motivation?

Guilty I have been so busy on focusing on my business, I have been neglecting my progressive overload. Rushing through my workouts to get home and do check ins and not been prioritising my own goals.

So new month, bday weekend up coming and it’s to get the growth further. So peach here we come. And of course a good old bounce protein bar chucked in my oats or snacks will definitely enhance those goals. Right now I am a busy body and there does not seem to be enough hours in the day, but just reminding you that you can always find time to nourish your bodies no matter what. For me previously I would not do this then my stress would increase further and I would not be able to focus on my career goals, my work load. Now having a positive attitude towards health and fitness I am able to remind my clients of this every single day. A little insight of what I do as an online coach is, I work on plans to suit each clients individual needs with Progressive overload, Training methods to push them to failure and the new habit feature on my app to ensure they are ticking these daily reminders off and prioritising themselves. BUT also including the meals and snacks that tickle their taste buds, and there is always a bounce ball thrown in there. Its my Australian clients fave snack so there you have it.