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Should I cut carbs to lose weight?


In short, no.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘no carbs before marbs’ but what does this really mean? Is there any truth behind it? Here’s the scoop.

Carbs are a hot topic, to say the least, particularly when it comes to weight loss. It’s true to say that there is a stigma attached to carbs, leading many to believe they are ‘bad’ and that they lead to weight gain. But is this true? Let’s look at the science.

Firstly, carbohydrates are part of a broad category, meaning not all carbs are the same. In simple terms, carbs make up 1 of 3 macronutrients (along with fat & protein). Within this, we can categorize carbs even further into sugar, starch & fibre. So, what’s the difference?

Sugar: We all need a bit in our lives. This can be added sugar (sweets, chocolate, fizzy pop, etc.) or naturally occurring (fruit, honey, etc.). It’s recommended that sugar makes up no more than 5% of daily calories.

Starch: Simply put is the stuff that gives us energy. Think pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread.

Fibre: Good for your gut! Found in fruit & veggies, wholegrains, and pulses (beans and lentils).

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, some carbohydrate rich food may be higher in fibre than others, and some might be higher in sugar. BUT no food is a bad food, and it can all be enjoyed in moderation. So yes, you can eat the pizza!!

Let’s bust some myths:

1) White carbs are the enemy = FALSE

Whilst it’s true that white carbs i.e. white bread can be higher in sugar, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Knowledge is power, just consume in moderation. It’s also worth noting that if you prefer white bread to brown, then don’t punish yourself, food is there to be enjoyed. You might not be getting as much fibre as you would with whole wheat bread but that’s fine, just get your fibre from something else you enjoy, like a Choc Brownie Bounce which has 4g Protein* per ball!

2) Carbs make you gain weight = FALSE

ALL foods will contribute to weight gain if eaten in excess. It all comes down to calorie deficit vs surplus. If you eat in a calorie surplus i.e. eating more than you need in a day, then you will gain weight, REGARDLESS of what you eat.

3) Fruit is high in sugar and should be avoided = FALSE

Let’s be real, should we really be avoiding fruit to lose weight? It makes no sense. Yes, some fruits are high in natural sugars, but they are also a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. TOP TIP, go for fresh/frozen fruit rather than fruit juice etc which can have added sugar.

To sum it up, ALL food can be enjoyed in moderation and a healthy diet should be made up of all 3 macronutrients to ensure you’re getting everything you need: just like our Bounce balls 😉