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Is protein essential for weight loss?


Protein, protein, protein. A word that is used A LOT in the health and fitness industry. So, what’s the hype, and do you need it?

In short, yes. Protein is an essential macronutrient for everyone, regardless of your diet/fitness goals. Picture it like the building blocks of the human body, it’s key for building and repairing muscle tissue, and is vital in boosting metabolism. It can also have other benefits, such as keeping you fuller for longer and curbing cravings which when trying to lose weight is important!

Of course, this isn’t the only factor in weight loss, and we’re definitely not saying eating meat every day is going to instantly allow you to drop 10 pounds but being mindful of your macros could make all the difference!

If you want to up your protein intake then there are lots of different ways get your protein fix. At the top of your list should be natural protein sources like lean meats, greek yoghurt, cheese and nuts. These are KEY to incorporate into your diet as they are naturally really high in protein as well as having a whole host of other nutritional benefits. These can also be easy to incorporate into tasty everyday recipes. TOP TIP: try using turkey mince in spag bol/chilli instead of beef mince, it’s higher in protein and lower in fat!

There are also ways to get your protein fix on-the-go. Our protein balls are the perfect way to get everything you need in one tasty hit. Packed with high quality whey/soy protein, our balls will satisfy that hunger between meals and keep you going! Whether it’s that mid-morning slump, afternoon sweet treat or post-dinner choc fix, we’ve got you covered.

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