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Should you feel guilty for enjoying a chocolatey snack?

Hannah Lawson

For me having a bounce ball on my breakfast or as a snack during the day previously would’ve been a huge food fear for me. Due to my previous struggles with my eating disorder, I deprived myself of so many amazing foods even foods that were known to be protein packed and nutritious like bounce.

This month I have started to realise how far I have come, with eating chocolate bounce balls here there and everywhere and not feeling an ounce of guilt for it.

I am now an online coach mainly helping girls fully recovery from their battles with food restrictions. Encouraging them to enjoy amazing foods and reducing the guilt around this is something I support them in every day.

Again, ALL FOOD IS GOOD FOOD. And we should never label things as ‘treats’ or ‘cheat meals’ as it sets up a triggering mindset for younger people growing up referring back to everything that is recommended on social media.

Here are my two top tips that recently helped some of my clients and something I always remembered from my recovery journey too:

1) ALWAYS start you morning with a filling and delicious breakfast. There is no point in skipping the best meal of the day, it leads to unhealthy habits going forwards. By skipping breakfast in the past, I was the only killer of my success.

2) #Bounceback into the week and start a fresh. All the things you self-doubted at the weekend can change. Fuel your body to enable it to function, concentrate on your tasks for Monday and realise there will always be challenges in place. But if we don’t conquer them, then we will never change.

If you have any questions, please pop them in the comments 😊

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